1. 什麼是Cookies和他們做什麼?

Cookies是小的文本文件,存儲在瀏覽器的目錄。 Cookie可以用於:


2. 本網站上的Cookies

我們在這個網站使用會話cookie和持久的cookie 。

Google Analytics

  • 名稱: _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz
  • 類型: First party, persistent, First party, persistent, First party, session, First party, persistent
  • 目的: 用於存儲關於顧客交互信息與網站,例如和如當其中訪問者發生。如果您選擇禁用或阻止這些cookies,您仍然可以使用本網站。
  • 更多資訊: Overview of Google Analytics, including their privacy policy and how to opt out


  • Name: _exp_tracker
  • Type: Persistent and session
  • Purpose: Don’t let the name fool you – this cookie doesn’t track what you do online. It only keeps track of the last 5 pages you visited. This information allows us to redirect you to the page you were on before submitting a comment or sending us an email through the contact form.
  • Further Info: ExpressionEngine


  • Name: exp_last_activity
  • Type: Persistent and session
  • Purpose: This cookie contains the date of your last activity on this site. If you haven’t been active on the site before, your last activity will be set to the current time.
  • Further Info: ExpressionEngine


  • Name: exp_last_visit
  • Type: Persistent and session
  • Purpose: This cookie is only relevant to registered users. If you’re browsing this site as a guest, this cookie will be set to a date in the past. The cookies exp_last_activity and exp_last_visit allow us to show you which content has been updated since your last visit.
  • Further Info: ExpressionEngine